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Sleepy Stars Portable Black-Out Blind

Darkened sleeping environments can help sensitive sleepers – especially babies, toddlers and young children – to link sleep cycles to sleep and nap well; even on bright days, early summer mornings and late summer evenings.

The blinds are available in Medium and Large sizes and can be adjusted to a smaller window if needed.

The suction cups don’t mark or damage windows and you can use the Velcro pads to pleat the curtains to fit a smaller sized window.

They are great value for money as can be used at home or when travelling. Take it with you to ensure wherever you are the dark environment is kept the same for your Sleepy Star. The blinds can be put up and taken down easily so aren’t constantly there when not needed.

The blinds are lightweight and portable and come with a handy carrier bag for storage and travel.



Medium: 75cm x 130cm, Weight 390g

Large: 130cm x 200cm, Weight 649g

The suction cups are on every side of the blinds so they can be rotated as needed to fit different sized window widths or lengths. They can also be pleated with the Velcro pads to fit smaller windows.

The blinds are posted from Dublin, Ireland within 24 hours or next working day if ordered on a weekend.

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