We are now offering Corporate packages to companies who wish to provide support and advice to their employees who are parents looking for guidance with their little one’s sleep. We have many different options available. Check out our information package for more details.

Everyday life for working parents can be demanding. Often, some parents stretch themselves to breaking point when trying to balance being a parent whilst sustaining productivity, creativity and reliability within their working roles. Lack of sleep can rapidly deplete a person’s energy, mood, and functionality and this can affect their capability to function both at home and in work. Parents aren’t given an instruction booklet with their little one upon leaving hospital and nowadays many families don’t have extended family local for support, so parents rely on search engines and social media to look for advice on navigating their new addition’s feed and sleep requirements. Often, tired parents are more confused after scrolling than they were before they began their search. Kelly’s motto is “It’s ok to ask for help”.

As you can see from the 100’s of testimonials, parents who attend the Sleepy Stars talks online and in-person report tremendous improvements in the duration and quality of sleep for both themselves and their children.

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