Helping Your Babies Become Sleepy Stars

“Every child is unique and so is every family home; there’s no one size fits all cure when it comes to helping a baby to sleep.”

Kelly Geoghegan

Kelly’s Approach


Kelly’s approach is focused on routine. Kelly completes a detailed assessment of your child’s issues, sleeping environment and current daily routine – including sibling pick-ups/drops-offs, creche schedules and any activities you may be signed up to. Firstly, a consultation takes place, and from that Kelly creates a tailored routine for day and night based on her assessment. She then supports parents as they move towards this new routine. Many parents find immediate improvements in their days and nights when the routine is established. Once the routine is in place – usually 7-10 days – if the sleep issues are not completely resolved Kelly will guide parents through the sleep training process.

Sleep Training

Consultation, a customised routine and bedtime assistance for your baby or young child.


Overseas Sleep Training including UK, Europe, Canada, USA, Middle East. Contact us for more info.


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Kelly has been featured in various Newspapers and has regular slots on Radio and TV

Kelly Geoghegan,

EMT, MNT, Paediatric Sleep Consultant

Kelly has 20+ years’ experience working in childcare. She is a qualified Maternity Nurse, Emergency Medical Technician, First Aid Instructor, CPO and also holds a diploma in Nutrition for children. Kelly is a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants and also the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants.

Sleep Support Services

The process is that once the relevant paperwork has been returned a zoom meeting request will be sent for your consultation; the duration is 90 minutes. House calls for consultations can be arranged depending on location and availability.

During the consultation Kelly will get all of the information she requires which she will then use to create a realistic routine for you and your family, taking everything into account – baby classes / creche / childminders etc. After the consultation Kelly will send on the tailored and bespoke daily routine which you will follow for 7–10 days to give your baby / child the best possible chance to sleep through the night, as their daily routine has to complement their night. Kelly’s routines DO NOT tie parents and baby to the house, she believes that a routine must be flexible so parents can enjoy the early years.

Once your child is in a routine after the consultation, many parents find that their baby begins to sleep well at night. Some babies need a little more assistance to learn how to self soothe and Kelly can teach parents the best method to help their baby or, if required, Kelly can also come to your home and provide bedtime assistance with a baby / toddler.

Kelly is available for text and call support after the consultation for four weeks too. She will ensure your case is closed off and you’re all sleeping peacefully during this time.

If a family is not based in Ireland Kelly can conduct video consultations with the parents. Already having clients in the UK, Canada, America, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Dubai, Monaco and Serbia, Kelly will sometimes do short trips abroad for parents who need support in person. Please contact us for more information.

Kelly can also do problem solving. For example, breastfed babies who refuse to take the bottle (of breast milk or formula) and Mommy is returning to work or would like another family member to feed baby. She can also help with babies who only feed small amounts and fussy babies during the weaning process. Kelly has also assisted with potty training and behaviour issues.

Please take a look at the Packages page to see everything that Kelly can help you with and do get in touch to discuss it further if you need her help.

Overseas Sleep Training

Kelly has worked all over the world; including UK, Canada, America, Italy, Dubai, Monaco, and Serbia.

Every few months Kelly is available to help parents overseas with sleep training their babies and children. She can visit your country and help all those sleep deprived parents in the area.

If there are enough interested parties booked up in advance Kelly can visit and run consultations, overnight sleep training and a workshop for parents when there. Obviously they have to be in close proximity to make it work.

For those parents interested in the overnight sleep training you will need to have a Skype consultation two weeks before Kelly’s visit. You will then receive a report within 24 hours which will set the routine before Kelly can help to sleep train.

If you are interested in getting Kelly to where you are, then please do get in touch and if you are able to advise on local facilities and advertise Kelly’s upcoming visit then you will receive a discount for your help.

Prices will depend on location.

My Approach


Every child is unique and so is every family home; there’s no one size fits all cure when it comes to helping a baby to sleep.

Kelly does not recommend or use the “Cry it Out” method, she does use her own controlled crying method only if required and uses very short time intervals to teach your baby to settle.




What our valued clients say about us.


“Seeking Kelly’s guidance with our baby girl’s sleep was the best thing we’ve invested in since becoming parents. When our baby turned 5 months old bedtime was an issue every night, I needed to lay with her from 7pm until the next morning in order for her to sleep, I knew this wouldn’t be sustainable long term. Her naps were also all over the show (it felt like we were “in bed” trying to nap for the majority of each day, but only got 30minute snippets at a time) .

We worked slowly towards Kelly’s personally tailored schedule (flexible) for our baby, which prepared Everli for the “sleep training”. Now I have never really been a fan of the idea of sleep training, but Kelly’s knowledge, years of experience and passion for what she does, really put me at ease & I never felt like uncomfortable with the process (which I feared I would). Her “method” is so clear & efficient I love that I know exactly what I needed to do to help my baby learn how to resettle, not a “cry it out” method at all. Kelly was always there to answer the dozens of questions I had.

The only regret I have is not contacting Kelly sooner. I have so much time on my hands now, I hardly know what to do with myself 🙂 Thank you so much Kelly, we are so appreciative of your help.”

Jean-Marié Stander