About Kelly

 Kelly has 20+ years’ experience working in childcare.

She is a qualified Maternity Nurse, Emergency Medical Technician, First Aid Instructor and CPO. Kelly is a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants and also the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants. Kelly does not only specialise in helping little ones to sleep, she holds a Diploma in Child Nutrition, and advises about weaning, Kelly also assists parents potty training and transitioning toddlers from the cot to the bed.

Over the past number of years Kelly has travelled the world working with children of all ages in varied roles.

At the beginning of 2018 Kelly decided to stay in Ireland and help parents who have infants with sleep issues. Kelly is so fortunate that many of the parents she has helped over the years have recommended her to friends, family, co-workers etc. who are also praying for a good night’s sleep and Kelly is kept busy as a result. She hasn’t needed to advertise because her business has grown from word of mouth – not many can say that.

Kelly says: “I have always been involved in childcare in one form or another. After school I studied childcare and became a nanny for a family. I then went to work internationally for the Sol Melia Hotel Group – perfecting my fluent Spanish at this time too – working in their baby rooms and children’s clubs. Between seasons of working abroad I worked in childcare as a temp in creches and family homes etc.

“I always was heavily involved in activities with the Irish Red Cross when I was in Ireland and quickly achieved my advanced First Aid qualification and I used to teach Cadets First Aid.

“I then achieved my maternity nurse qualification in the UK. There was not much work for private maternity nurses in Ireland at the time so I explored a career in Health and Safety: I was a Health & Safety auditor, First Aid Instructor & Examiner. During my time with a facilities company, Dalkia, I went to University College Dublin (UCD) and studied for my certificate in Health and Safety at work.

“I applied for An Garda Siochana and qualified. I loved my career in the Gardai; I met friends for life there. Whilst in the Gardai I studied for my EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and clocked up my ambulance hours and qualified.

“I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason and because of my maternity nurse qualification, EMT qualification and experience with the Garda, I was recruited abroad by a VIP family. My international career had begun. I worked as a maternity nurse / nanny / CPO and pediatric sleep consultant for many VIP families worldwide. I’ve cared for many babies and children and each one of them will have a special place in my heart.

“In 2018 my family situation brought me home on a more full-time basis. Word of mouth from families I had helped over the many years helped me set up on my own and Sleepy Stars was created.”

In 2018 Kelly helped 111 children and families to a good night’s sleep; children from the ages of 12 weeks to 5 years old. In 2019 Kelly helped 222 children become Sleepy Stars; in 2020 it was 277 Sleepy Stars; in 2021 it was 225, with 1000s of families who also had sleep success after joining the Sleepy Stars Webinars. In 2022, so far, Kelly has helped 70 children to become Sleepy Stars as well as many more on the webinars before jetting off on an overseas maternity nurse contract in June 2022 for a few months.