Avent Nipple Shields – 2 pack


Nipple shields are designed to help you breastfeed when you are experiencing nipple issues or latch-on challenges.

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Avent Nipple Shields are designed to help you breastfeed when you are experiencing nipple issues or latch-on challenges. The ultra-thin butterfly-shaped nipple shield allows breast contact for baby and helps continue bonding as you breastfeed.

  • Shaped to allow skin contact
  • Protect sore nipples
  • Medium (21 mm)
  • 2 pcs

Shaped to allow skin contact with the baby

Avent Nipple Shields’ ultra-thin butterfly shape is designed for skin-to-skin contact for baby. Thanks to the shape, not only the nose is in contact with the breast, but also the chin, allowing the baby to smell mum’s scent and touch mum’s skin. Just position the shield over the centre of your nipple to make sure that your baby can properly latch on to the entire areola. Enjoy bonding with your little one while protecting your nipples.

Designed to help with latch-on challenges

For mothers with flat and inverted nipples and babies with weak sucking technique or oral anomalies, the Nipple Shield can provide a nipple shape for latching on, keeping and maintaining a protruded position during baby’s feeding pauses.

Made for sensitive, sore or painful nipples

Nipple shields are designed to provide comfort and gentler feedings for sore, cracked or painful nipples. They can help reduce rubbing and stretching of nipples during breastfeeding so you can feed baby your best milk in comfort.

Babies can drink at their own pace

If mum’s milk flow needs controlling or the baby lacks strength, nipple shields are also a great support. The three holes in the tip of the shield can help rate the breastmilk flow for the baby in case there is an oversupply of milk. This way the baby can drink at his own pace in case the mother is experiencing an overactive let-down.

Designed to fit

Nipple shields are available in two sizes to better fit your breast. Small shields fit from 12 mm nipple diameter and medium up to 21 mm. To find your size, get comfortable and place one of the punched rings over your nipple. Rotate the shield clockwise and guide your nipple into the tunnel. Then stretch the shield’s base around the areola. If there is 2 mm of space between the nipple and silicone, this is the right fit. Tip: Size is based on the mamilla and not the areola. Not sure? Ask your Health Care Professional for support.

Easy to clean in the hygienic carrying case

You need to clean the nipple shields before each use, which takes less than 10 minutes. Place them in boiled water for five minutes or you can use the Hygiene case. Place both well-rinsed nipple shields in the case and add 25 ml/0.9 fl. oz. water. Then place the nipple shields in a 750–1,000 W microwave for three minutes. Let them cool for five minutes. Then drain the water and they’re ready to use. Use the convenient hygienic carrying case on the go as well as to store your nipple shields and to keep them clean.

Combining breast and bottle feeding

The ultra-thin, soft silicone material of the Philips Avent Nipple Shield is closer to our infant feeding solutions to help seamless transition between breast and bottle feeding when combining both.

What is included

Nipple shields 21 mm 2 pcs BPA Free, Silicone

Hygienic carrying case 1 pc

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